The New England Renegades is a hockey organization whose sole purpose is to develop and enhance the skill set level and the Hockey IQ of the "Serious" hockey player who may have ambitions of playing hockey at the highest possible level.

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Over the years we've had a great number of players come through our program and we're proud to say that many, a vast majority have gone on to have success at higher levels than they were when they came to us. With that, we've received many thanks from the Parents and Players. So we thought we'd share a few of the comments with everyone.

2010 - "I thought I would send you an update on my son Kevin. I don't know if he e-mailed you, so I figured I would. First, I want to thank you for your time in coaching him. You are a Great Coach in my opinion. Kevin has had several coaches, but none who can compare to the knowledge of the game that you bring to these kids.

Thank you again for the lasting impression you left on him and me. We talk about you often, and always recall the calibre of coach you are. I have no doubt in my mind that my son is where he is today because of the hard work ethic he has and the experience he had in your organization."

2011 - "Thanks for letting Kevin attend your practices and games, he enjoyed all of it. If you didn't know, Kevin is a freshman at Mt. Saint Charles in RI and has tryouts for school team this week. I assume that your season is ending within the next week or two, but if you keep a mailing list for things like next year's tryouts, please put our e-mail address on it."

2012 - "This is (Name withheld) from the Renegades team a few years ago. I have an assignment from my management class at UMass to contact an old mentor and thank them. I chose you and personally want to thank you for all of the time you took from your busy schedule to coach me and all of the other guys. I was part of the Renegades for at least 4 years and got to see myself and everyone around me become much better players because of you and Coach Andrews. You instilled determination, skill and most of all hockey intelligence into everyone who played for you. I attribute my strongest development as a player to being part of this team. I have never had a coach who was passionate for the game as you were and that made myself and every other player give their best on the ice. You put us against hard competition and that's what made the Renegades some of the most fun hockey I have ever played. I miss playing organized hockey everyday. So thank you for being the smartest and most dedicated coach I have ever had."

There are many, many more over the years, but one thing I'd like to point out is that our program is for the kids and their progress and understanding of the game. When someone wants to know about our program, I contact our parents and let them speak to prospective participants. Here is one from 2013...

"I though I would just send you a quick note with my experience with the New England Renegades and some of my thoughts about the program.

We ran into the NE Renegades organization by chance when they were praticing at NESC. I watched the team practice and how Bernie ran the practice. He runs a solid practice and uses game situations to teach players... and he makes sure that they undestand what they did right and what they need to improve on... not in the locker rooms but directly on the ice in "real time". 

Bernie is different from all of the other coaches that my son had played for... Bernie's major focus is on developing the player and that has really helped my son progress. D thought he knew hockey, but after Bernie's coaching he has expanded his understanding of how hockey is played beyond his "age group's" normal understanding.

Although my son is not the biggest in stature... his developed knowledge of the game from Bernie's coaching has given him an advantage and edge he needed to make the High School team and play up with the U18 teams.

I can tell you that if your son is willing to work hard, listen and give 110% in practices and games he will not be disappointed with the improvement he will see in his game with Bernie and the team.

All the kids on the Renegades are really great kids; The older ones take the new and younger kids under their wing as they did with my son, and help them feel comfortable and really part of the team."